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You have questions, and we have answers! We want to assist you in the most convienent way possible and we are pretty good at getting back to you, but if you have specific questions for a specific ministry, the best way to contact us would be to visit our staff page and scroll through the staff contact info. You will be able to find exactly who you need to talk to! If you just have general questions about ThatChurch.com you can always email us at info@thatchurch.com or contact our Central Campus in Sherwood during office hours Mon - Thurs 8:30am-4:30pm at 501-833-4673


ThatChurch.com Cares

Taking the first step on any journey can be intimidating. Choosing to seek counsel is one of those big first steps. Some may find this initial step frightening. We understand and want to partner with you on this journey as you courageously reach out and take the first step leading to hope and healing. The Lay Counseling Team supports men, women & families in Sherwood and the surrounding community who seek to understand life experiences in relation to their walk with Jesus Christ and others. Our Team exists to encourage, empower and equip people with biblical truths they can apply to daily life. Difficulties will come and at times we lack the knowledge, skills and ability to cope with problems that can be overwhelming. The biblical truths and listening skills of our team provide the information, tools and hope needed to refocus and overcome.

If you would like to meet with one of our Lay Counselors/Mentors, please contact the church office M-TH 8:30-4:30PM at 501-833-4673 to schedule an appointment or e-mail us.

Biblically-based Lay Counseling/Mentoring offered by ThatChurch.com is provided by in house trained, non-licensed covenant members of ThatChurch.com and is A FREE ministry of ThatChurch.com. No fees are associated with this service.

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Church Community Builder’s software is a web-based church management solution designed to help church leaders build and support a more connected, smoother running ministry.

Communicating and connecting with people, both inside and outside the church, is a challenge for church leaders. If you are a TC.C volunteer leader, we have provided this on our website for easy access. Your staff ministry leader will need to give you login information to CCB if you do not already have it.