Our Weekend Experience is the best possible way for your student to grow and connect on the weekend.

Our students sit at the front of the worship center and help provide an exciting and well, pretty loud, environment, and we LOVE it! Small groups are offered for your Jr.High Student during our 11:30am services at our Sherwood Campus.

If your student is enrolled in our Student Leadership School, they will serve through one of our various ministries, attend service in the Worship Center and meet with the other SLS students for group.

Momentum is our mid-week service for students. This evening is a great way for your student to connect and make new friends. Our Momentum services provide an environment with your student in mind, with music, games, a message they can understand, this service is something they would love to invite their friends to!

Momentum is starting on September 6th at 6:30pm, and is held on Wednesday nights, 6pm-8pm at both our Sherwood and Cabot campuses.

This camp is overnight and is 6/26/17 - 6/29/17.

Get ready to go ALL OUT at the Oak Grove Life Center's Summer Camp, Camp United 2017! Camp United is a fun, high energy, church camp for students who have completed the 6th-12th grades in the 2016-2017 school year. With specific tracks like sports, outdoors and music, your student/s will be grouped with others with the same interests and will grow learning about Christ in a way that they understand.

SLS will train and equip students 9th-12th grade to be servant leaders in their life, school, church, and community while building a solid foundation of Godly character. That.Church Leadership School is designed and implemented for those students who desire a more intimate relation with Jesus while learning the key leadership skills to allow them to successfully impact the world they live in.