One day could change your life.

What is CLS One Day Conference?

Church Leadership School (CLS) One Day Conference is going to be an action packed, content rich and extremely fun one day conference! Our goal is to host a full leadership conference in a single day. At this conference you will, dive into the life of Paul, his leadership, tactics and disciplines. We will then use this information to strengthen you as a leader. If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level then sign up for CLS One Day Conference now! (March 13th 2021 / 9am-3pm)

Three reasons you should attend CLS One Day Conf!

1. CLS is your chance to grow as a christian, a leader and as a person. 2. At CLS One Day Conf. you will be surrounded by like minded people who want to grow like you. 3. At CLS one day you will be equipped with the tools and resources you need to lead in any environment.


Don't believe us? Listen to these testimonies!

At CLS, we love our students, here are a few of their stories!

Alyssa, Cabot

Because of CLS I've been able to share the gospel more and to help other believers take that next step to become leaders themselves. I am incredibly thankful for what God has done and is doing through Church Leadership School.

Faith G. Sherwood

CLS One Day Conf gave me the confidence to be the leader God called me to be. through this experience I learned I was not alone in leadership and forged friendships for life.

Jimmy G, (AKA Jimmy GQ)

CLS planted the seed in me that would eventually develop into my calling to full time ministry.


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