Caitlyn Leslie

"I had the privilege of being Jessica Spuhler’s creative ministry intern at That.Church a few years ago and it was a truly amazing experience. I was still in high school and believe it or not was kind of shy and reserved. But I stepped out of my box and took the chance to learn from her. The creative ministry taught me to look at things in a different way than I had before. Jessica taught me to look for and see the beauty in everyday things, to see Gods hand and plan in all the details. I learned to find my voice and to take charge of my ideas and to see them completed. Being an intern taught me that I wasn’t too young to be an important part of ministry and that God truly had a plan for me. I still hear her voice in my head encouraging me when I am asked to take on a role in other ministries or even in school or work. I have now realized that I have good leadership skills and without interning I’m not so sure I would have stepped so quickly onto the path God has set me on." - Caitlyn Leslie

Gracie Martin

“I was very thankful I had the opportunity to attend a church that had programs like CLS. At a young age it’s important to be surrounded in church and be plugged in, to grow in the right way. Being involved through Student Leadership School and the Internship program definitely helped me be more open to meeting friends and gave me the chance to be a part of the church in serving and learning more about what it takes to be a servant to God.”- Gracie Martin

Garrett Peters

"I was if-y about interning at first because of being so young. I was so hooked after the first weekend though, putting in the time at practice and on Sunday mornings to see it all come together beautifully and to see how God would use our efforts was really a mind blowing experience to say the least! It really changed my perspective on how I should be spending my free time, before I really wasn’t doing anything considerable for Christ but spending my time at That.Church and putting those hours in really made me feel like I was making an impact for Christ."- Garrett Peters

Sami Dillow

“My internship at That Church set me on the path of my calling. When I was just at the beginning steps of faith, Student Leadership School took me deeper into knowing God. When we took a missions trip to LA I discovered more about making God known and heard God asking me to go into full time ministry! I’ll never forget the lessons and the people from that season of life that made me who I am today.”- Sami Dillow

Jay Dylan Howard

My internship with the Weekend Experience Team helped shape me into who I am today. The Weekend Experience Team was and still is my family in Christ! I was pushed to become a servant leader within every aspect of life, not only to my peers, but to everyone I meet. I attribute my ambition and drive I have for my life to this team who taught me to chase after God with everything I have. Not only did I learn my creative craft from this team, but was also pushed to disciple to anyone I meet. They taught me to put God first in everything and it all will fall into place.- Jay Dylan Howard

MiKayla Millard

My time as an intern shaped my life tremendously. Not only did I learn technical skills from my time in the tech booth, but I got to do a lot of hands on work with the equipment and stage, so I could see the direct impact of my projects on Sunday mornings. I learned to troubleshoot problems quickly (sometimes in the middle of a service); I also learned how to most effectively teach others what I had figured out. Most importantly, I was immersed in the goals of the creative and worship teams, so I never forgot what the end goal of my work was. No matter how swamped the technical side of things might get, the aim was always to put God first - a goal that continues to affect every area of my life. (sorry it was a bit late; let me know if that’s enough/you need anything else!) - MiKayla Millard

Caitlyn Borgerding

Interning at that That.Church gave me the chance to grow and work as a team with the people around me. I'm so thankful for all the people that invested their time in me because I was able to do the things I loved, all while growing my relationship with Christ. It was great being able to use my skills to help people know about Jesus!- Caitlyn Borgerding