Faith. Integrity. Action.

Faith. Integrity. Action.

Point Man will meet online starting April 29th. This will be a four week ONLINE study combined with Real Women. For the first time, your family can learn together at mid-week if desired. The curriculum will answer many of the questions we are going through right now in this trying time.

"We all struggle in life from habits and hang ups, and sometimes we go through life struggles that are out of our control. Pointman has helped me not only get feedback from other men building into me, (because they have experienced the same thing and know what to do to be victorious), but it's also allowed me to pour into other men that are going through what I've experienced in the past. Iron sharpens iron, and I really feel that's what's happening in Pointman on weekly basis."
- Kris Knowlton


Join Point Man as we make Jesus known to men of all ages and through all avenues. For more information, check out our Facebook page or contact us below.

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