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We're dropping some exciting content for you this summer right here! If you want to keep things going with your small group or go a little bit deeper on your own - check out the three different sessions led by Stacey Harness, Priscilla Peters, and Abbie Adkison! Each session will include three teaching videos, a video guide, and Bible study questions for more intentional growth. We hope that these sessions will help you see the real Jesus in new and meaningful ways!

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The Summer Sessions | Pursuing Love

Stacey Harness takes us into a deep dive of 1 Corinthians 13 and how to pursue to love in all of its beautiful, difficult, and Gospel-centered ways in a three-part teaching series.

Check out the first part of Stacey Harness' three part teaching series on Pursuing Love

The Summer Sessions | Battle For Our Heart

Priscilla Peters gives us an inside look at the enemy of our hearts as she dissects 1 John 2:15-17 and gives us some amazing insight on how to wage the battle for our hearts in this crazy world.

Check out the first of the three part teaching series on the Battle for Our Heart!

The Summer Sessions | Catching Bouquets

Catching Bouquets is a three video teaching session on how to be faithful to Christ through your season of singleness or anyone feeling like their hope is delayed. If you want to hear from a fellow woman waiting on God, then check out these three videos!

"The message and the worship music is so awesome . I am really starting to understand what God's plan is for me."
- Carey Deitzman
"Yes so wonderful and gives the chance to meet lots of other women . The message and the worship music , so awesome . I am really starting to know what God has for me . I am really understanding , since coming to Real women and to “That Church “ love it"
- Joy Washok



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