Pray for The Everywhere Project

Real Women

Cabot Campus

Group 1

Courtney Beck and Tiffany Thompson

Courtney Beck

Courtney Beck is 39 years old, married and has an 8-year-old son and 3 adult bonus children and loves to hang out with her husband and son, anything personal growth oriented, if she could she'd float the Buffalo River every weekend. She was a cosmetologist for 15 years and retired from that last year to take a position as client services director at Options Pregnancy Center.

Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a wife of 2 kids, a preteen boy and an 8 year old girl. She loves the Lord, spending time with her little family, being on the worship team praising Jesus, riding my horses and living the farm life!

Group 2

Debbie Bell and Wendi Kennedy

Debbie Bell

Debbie Bell is 52, married with 2 adult boys with 6 grandkids. She says, "I have been married for 21 years to my soul mate, Red “Ken” Bell. God brought us together 23 years ago and He knew that we were made for each other. I love reading when I can, cooking and spending time with my husband and kids. We love playing with my two labs, Maddie and Abie and taking drives with my husband in our cars. We both have sports cars and love taking them out for drives. I have been in the banking/finance field for over 33 years and can honestly say I love where I am working. When we moved to Arkansas, my daughter-in-love recommended That.Church and once we attended we knew we were home. We joined and got involved in serving. God brought my oldest son and daughter-in-love along too. We all now belong to That.Church and are very involved in serving. We moved from the Sherwood Campus to Cabot to help out for a little while, never planning on leaving the Sherwood Campus, but God had different ideas and we are now serving and very involved at the Cabot campus. I have realized that God has a great plan in store for me and I am just going along for the ride and let Him drive."

Wendi Kennedy

Wendi Kennedy is 36 years old, married and has a host of nieces and nephews that she loves dearly! She loves Reading, hanging out with family and friends, and getting in the word and learning more about the Bible! She's a Preschool teacher for 15 years and loves working with children! She loves traveling and getting to know new people. I also like playing Pokémon Go! I love the fact that at That Church we can be real with no mask, and make Jesus known!

Group 3

Sarah Kilgore and TIffany Boullie

Sarah Kilgore

Sarah Kilgore is 28, married and the mommy of two kids (a 5-year-old and 4-month-old). She loves riding motorcycles, getting tacos and sushi with her husband, poetry, and making song parodies lol. Sarah says, "My love for God has always overpowered any inadequacy I feel in myself and I’m happy to be a catalyst for this great real women movement to lean on other women who love God too."

TIffany Boullie

TIffany Boullie is 32, married to her best friend, David, and has two kids - a 3-year-old who they are in the process of adopting and a miracle baby boy who was born after four years of trying. Tiffany enjoys reading, writing, sewing, camping, exploring new places with my family, and spending time with family.

Group 4

Vandy Nash

Vandy Nash

Vandy Nash is 42, married with 2 kids. She hasn’t had much time for hobbies as a busy parent and educator, but she would love to start hiking, playing tennis, and enjoying anything outside. Vandy has been married to Greg for almost 22 years. They both grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas. They moved to the Cabot/Vilonia area 4 years ago. They have 2 children. Her daughter lives at home with them and is in 9th grade. They spend lots of their time traveling around the country watching her play soccer. Her son lives and goes to school in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Vandy has been an educator for 18 years. She currently works in Vilonia School District as the K-6 Curriculum Director. In tree short years they will be empty nesters. She is looking forward to the next season of life, and excited to hopefully find some new hobbies.

Sherwood Campus

Group 1

Kim Smith and Allyson Hodge

Kim Smith

Kim Smith is 37, married and has five kids. She says, "I love to laugh, and I love to meet new people. I’ve been told I am loud and I love to talk. (No way) I’m not easily convinced about anything - it’s because I’m in sales! I work at a bank & I love what I do. I’m not perfect & I have flaws and I always own my mistakes. I love beautiful scenery and my toes in the sand. I love to worship. I love my family and friends and being with them means the world to me. I love to love people."

Allyson Hodge

Allyson Hodge is an Army wife, boy mom, accountant who loves Jesus and is passionate about running. Has been attending That Church for 5 years.

Group 2

Ashton Green and Caitlyn Leslie

Ashton Green

Ashton Green is 22 years old and is currently in her final semester of nursing school at UAMS! She is newly married and loves doing anything and everything with her family! Ashton loves the Arkansas Razorbacks and pretty much anything competitive!! She also loves to be with her church family and loves to learn and grow closer to God everyday!!

Caitlyn Leslie

Caitlyn Leslie is 18 and single with no kids! She loves Netflix, reading, makeup and hair and is a cosmetology student at the Salon Professionals Academy. At That Church she has served everywhere: in the kid's ministry, student ministry, and the creative ministry.

Group 3

Amber Sowell and Koesha Jenkins

Amber Sowell

Amber Sowell is Age: 35, married with 2 kids She enjoys exercise, spending time with family, playing with my kids, and anything involving water. Amber loves investing into women who are wanting to know how to live a life that is pleasing to God. She loves spending time with her family. Amber owns a dog grooming shop that she dedicated to God’s mission. She enjoys anything water and spending time outdoors. She loves to travel and see God’s handiwork in nature.

Koesha Jenkins

Koesha Jenkins is 30 and has been married for 7 years and has two sons, one of which has a rare genetic disorder (which makes some days better than others in her house). Her family are serious Florida Gator fans and she works as a Human Resources Analyst for two years. She has attended That.Church since January of 2017 and absolutely loves it. She also recently began a therapy program for addiction recovery and has committed to a life of sobriety by allowing God to take control of her life. She says that "I truly thank God for Real Women, as it played a major role in my decision to turn my addiction over to God."

Group 4

Lauren Cochran and Tashia Duncan

Lauren Cochran

Lauren Cochran is 26, single and loves yelling at the razorbacks, working out, Netflix, and being with her people!! She says, "I am outgoing, light hearted, and love to have a good time! My life revolves church, work, and being with my friends and family. I have a 1-year-old nephew I am obsessed with! This is my 6th time to facilitate and I am pumped about this semester!"

Tashia Duncan

Tashia Duncan is 24 and "just a single mom trying to get closer to God while trying to stay sane." She has two kids under the age of four and loves photography, eating and sleeping!

Group 5

Taylor Mulligan and Jasmine Bishop

Taylor Mulligan

Taylor Mulligan is 21, single and the mom of Ava (a 2-year-old). She enjoys watching Greys anatomy, putting on concerts in my car and shower, laughing, and eating Mexican food. She says "I am a beloved daughter of the king raising my sweet but sassy Ava to know and understand that same thing. I love to laugh but laughing over a bowl of cheese dip makes me happier! I am on mission and trying every day to run harder and faster for God! I am not perfect, but I work hard to practice heaven everywhere I go! I’m so ready to meet and make new friends that I can do life with!"

Jasmine Bishop

Jasmine Bishop is 27, single and crazy about Jesus. She loves yoga, music, and all things hair. She is a counselor who works with teenagers. Her favorite things to do are binge Netflix and have dinner with friends.

Group 6

Briana Childres and Brittany Randleas

Briana Childres

Briana Childres is 29, married and the mom of a toddler. She says, "I've been married to my husband, Kenneth, for almost 8 years now. We are 11 years apart in age, which is the punchline of many jokes. We struggled with fertility for many years, but God was faithful and blessed us beyond measure. Though, we're paying for our raising with this strong-willed child! We have 2 dogs, Charlie and Bruno, who run the show along with their two-legged brother. I work from home as a Solution Architect for Acxiom. Coffee is my love language. I love binge-watching detective shows on Netflix with the hubs."

Brittany Randleas

Brittany Randleas is 31 and married. She says, "my husband and I have 3 wonderful/crazy kids and 2 awesome foster kids. We have been attending That Church for 7+ years, I serve in the nursery & my husband serves in Guest Services. I work part time and uber the kiddos around the rest of the time!" She loves cooking, being outdoors, at the lake, & just hanging out with family & friends.

Group 7

Belinda Barrett and Elizabeth Kerr

Belinda Barrett

Belinda Barrett is 46 and married with two sons. She has been attending That Church since 2012 & Real Woman since it started, loves them both! She loves kayaking, tubing, landscaping, hiking, home décor and many other hobbies! She says, "I have made some AWESOME friends, all the ladies are WONDERFUL!! I'm a Financial geek by day (over 20 yrs.) and an adventurer by evening and weekend!"

Elizabeth Kerr

Elizabeth Kerr is 50 years old and is single. She has 2 children and 3 grandkids. She’s been coming to That Church going on 3 years. She’s been to every real woman group. She says, “I have made a lot of great friends since Ive been coming to that church. I love swimming, shopping and hanging out with my friends. I also love going to the beach but who doesn’t? This is my first time co-facilitating.”

Group 8

Sandy Mitchell and Helaine Williams

Sandy Mitchell

Sandy Mitchell is 51 and married with 3 kids and guardianship of 2 more (one with autism and one with ADHD). Sandy is an extreme couponed, loves talking, meeting new people, traveling and reading. She says, "Most would say I am kindhearted and always willing to lend a helping hand. I love spending time with my family. I love coupons".

Helaine Williams

Helaine Williams is 56 and married. She loves reading, travel, watching sci-fi/action movies, antiquing/flea marketing/thrift-store shopping. She says, "I’m a longtime newspaper journalist and Kingdom scribe (I freelance edit and ghostwrite self-published books, most of which are Christian nonfiction). I love helping women realize who and whose they are, giving them Godly encouragement, and helping them share their stories ... and doing it all with the sense of humor with which I was blessed."

Group 9

Mary Warren and Robin Brimer

Mary Warren

Mary Warren is 39 and is a single mom of two wonderful kids She loves being a Real Women facilitator, volunteering, reading and spending time with her family. She says, "I work full time at CenterPoint Energy. I really enjoy being a part of Real Women and serving my God. I have a passion to serve and love people. In my spare time I am running a crazy schedule with my kiddos and occasionally get some downtime to read and watch my favorite tv shows."

Robin Brimer

Robin Brimer is 43 and is also a single mom of two kids. She loves watching reality TV, shopping and hanging out by the pool. She's a senior administrative assistant at CenterPoint Energy and has worked there for 17 years. Outside of work, she volunteers at the Arkansas Food bank with her kids.

Group 10

LaTrece Smith and Lillie Miller

LaTrece Smith

LaTrece Smith is 40 and the single mom of two kids. She says, "I am a divorced/single mom of 2 that enjoys cooking, baking and spending time with my family. I have been in the technology field for the last 8 years and absolutely love it."

Lillie Miller

Lillie Miller is 39 and married with two kids. She says, "Both of our children play competitive basketball and my husband is/has been their coach, so most of my weekends are spent playing the role of a team mom/coach's wife! I am a Legal Investigator for the State Insurance Department. In my spare time, I love to COOK! I love it so much, that I've recently partnered with my son (who also loves to cook) in self-publishing a cook book!"

Group 11

Barbara Rainey and Dana Rusher

Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey is 64 and married with a daughter. She says, "I work full time as a graphic designer, and enjoy anything crafty, sewing, photography, walking and bible-study. I have been married for 47 years and been delivered thru the storm! We have a grown daughter and 2 grand kids. I love going to bed early and waking up early! I am finding my calling in encouraging other women. It has come very slowly as I have had such an introvert background. I want other women to truly know how good God is, if they pursue a relationship with him!"

Dana Rusher

Dana Rusher is 52, single and a mother to a 24-year-old firefighter. She says, "I enjoy my job as an accountant at a large utility in Central Arkansas. I am a big fan of the Amy Sanders library and can be found participating in many of their activities (coloring, painting, chalk art). I also enjoy reading, exercising and visiting with friends. I love Real Women and am excited to see what God has for me in this season of life."

Group 12

Stephanie McGuire

Stephanie McGuire

Stephanie McGuire is 37 and married. She says, "I started attending That Church a little over two years ago. I was going through a horrible divorce where my husband was very abusive, and we weren’t living right at all. Drugs, alcohol, you name it. I gathered the courage to leave him and my sister brought me here to That Church Real Women. I started attending regularly and started serving not long after. I met my best friend at Real Women and my now husband here at church as well. And many more amazing friends! I’ve been running after God ever since and my life has transformed so much!

Group 13

Jeannie Smith and Karen Brantley

Jeannie Smith

Jeannie Smith is 61 and married with two four-legged kids named Dr. Watson and DB Cooper. She says, "I am a true red-haired feisty gal. My husband has had acid-reflux ever since we met. I love getting to know and helping others, especially when it comes to recovery from addictions, trauma and the things from this world that can SO bind us. I have 18 years of counseling experience through the church and my husband and I are a part of That Church's counseling team."

Karen Brantley

Karen Brantley is 71 years old, with 3 amazing adult children, 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. She works a fulltime job but loves spending time with family and friends! She found That.Church 13 years ago and says, “it’s been an awesome journey and I am about to start my fifth Real Women experience, but my first as a co-facilitator. I love learning, sharing and getting to meet new friends.”

Group 14

Christie Kelly

Christie Kelly

Christie Kelly is 48 and navigating mid-life, a younger husband who keeps me on my toes daily, a new career (I am a licensed mental health therapist), a Mom of 2 adult children, step-Mom to 2 girls, a grandmother (Nanny) to a grandson and, just found out a baby girl due in December! But most importantly, a Christian trying to grasp this “abundant” life concept! Life is a great adventure/challenge depending on the lens I’m using that day! One thing for sure, apart from Jesus, I am completely worthless! I have been doing individual and group therapy for 2 years and love being in group with women seeking God!

Group 15

Sheryl Howard and Libbi Dixon Whitehurst

Sheryl Howard

Sheryl Howard is 52, single, a mom and a nurse at Children's Hospital where she works with teens. She says, "I love studying and learning how to be more like my Savior, I love watching my Cowboys and my Razorbacks play football! I love spending lots of time with my daughter Lauren and her hubby Jeremy, and I love to travel, thanks mostly to my amazing sister! I’m crazy about all fur babies especially my two rescues! I recently got a bicycle and am beginning to enjoy riding trails with friends! I’m so blessed to have been a facilitator for Real Women and have made the most wonderful connections and Real Friendships through this study!

Libbi Dixon Whitehurst

Libbi Dixon Whitehurst is 54 and her husband Scott have been married for over 31 years and have two incredible sons: first-born Josh, a tech entrepreneur (plus his sweet wife Ashley) and youngest son John, a U.S. Marine (Ooh Rah!) currently deployed on the other side of the world. They also have a black lab fur-baby they adore named Zoey. Libbi leads all things people and culture at First Orion, a technology company. When she isn’t at work or greeting people at church on Sunday mornings, you’ll find her reading, hanging out with family and friends, watching Food Network (then trying out new recipes), or spending time at the lake, no matter the season!

Group 16

Melinda McConnell and Amanda Colclasure

Melinda McConnell

Melinda McConnell is 47, married with 2 kids. She enjoys scrapbooking, reading, singing and worshipping. Watching her sons play baseball. Melinda is a sinner saved by grace. She is married to Jimmy McConnell, for 26 years, and they have 2 kids that are 23 and 16 years old. She loves spending time with her family and serving at That.Church. She likes to watch her son play baseball and help her husband in their family business, as well as, scrapbooking and playing with their 2 fur babies.

Amanda Colclasure

Amanda Colclasure is 44, married with 2 teenage kids. She enjoys reading, swimming, fishing, traveling, spending time with her family, and researching Arkansas history. Amanda has been married for 19 years. She taught elementary for 18 years and now works at 2 museums in Little Rock. She loves cheering her children on, in their sports activities. Amanda loves working with kids and is an avid reader.

Group 17

Beth Stewart and Nicole Williams

Beth Stewart

Beth Stewart is 33, married and has two stepsons. She says, "My husband and I got married in April last year. At that time, I became a step-mom, moved cities, changed jobs, and left the church family I had been part of since birth. It was a year of change but was totally worth it. I am dedicated to my faith, my family, and my career. I work in higher education and am passionate about helping adults achieve educational and professional goals. My husband and I are co-leading Financial Peace University at That.Church with another couple. Our kids keep us running with baseball and scouts, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams is the 31 year old mom of two precious girls Evie (3) and Rosanna (1). She’s a military spouse and has been married to the love of her life Tim for 7 amazing years. She enjoys serving at church as much as possible, playing guitar, painting and yoga.

Group 18

Anita Sawyer and Gail Markum

Anita Sawyer

Anita Sawyer is 55, married and is a mother and grandmother. She is a former teacher who retired ten years ago after a second heart attack. She says, "with God’s guidance, I’m working on regaining my health-physical, mental, and spiritual! Thankfully, God has allowed vast improvements in all areas!! I’m finding my hobbies again. I love to sing, write lyrics, some music, paint, sew-I’ve completed two king-sized quilts, read, Facebook/Instagram, and I love to travel with my sweet husband!"

Gail Markum

Gail Markum I am 53 and have 3 great grandkids. I love football Arkansas Razorbacks are my college team. My NFL teams are Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers for my husband. I love reading and doing my best to stay in Gods word and acknowledge his blessings to me and my family. I became a Christian over 7 years ago and still growing and learning how I need to change and serve. I am a happy person and enjoy making new friends.