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Summer at That church

June 2nd Free Crawfish, June 16th Father's Day, Free bacon, Soda's, and fun, June 24th through 27th, grades 6th through 12th Camp United, June 30th, Lawn Games and Competitions
July, 4th, Watch the City Fireworks with Us, 14th, Beat The Heat $1 Snow Cones, 14th through 17th, K through 5th grade Vacation Bible School, 23rd, Wild River Country Baptism, 28th, free Hot Dogs at every service
August, 4th, At the movies: The Lion King, Free Popcorn at every service, 11th, At the Movies: Unplanned, Free Popcorn at every service, 16th, Drive in Movie: in the lot, 18th, At the Movies: Avengers Endgame, Free Popcorn at every service, 25th, At the Movies: Shazam Free Popcorn at every service