The Other Side of the Lens

Kendall Harness   -  

This week we spoke the weekend message to a camera. No physical audience, no claps, no crying babies or cell phones, just a lens.

On the other side of that small dark circle, millions and millions of people are seated, anxiously searching for answers to problems that Jesus has power over. Some are searching for how to fix their marriage, others how to be a better parent, some how to overcome anxiety and others who are looking for something to complete them. Through the internet the world offers tons and tons of products. These products often offer short term gains while also guaranteeing long term loss. Porn will make you feel whole while also destroying your intimacy, Instagram “likes” to build up your confidence until the likes stop coming in and your life crashes back down leaving you worse than before. The truth is that on the internet there is an innumerable audience who needs to hear to good news of Jesus Christ.

As I taught part of the message this morning to that little dark circle, something hit me. Even though no one physically attended either of our incredible campuses, no one filled the seats or drank any coffee, we still have a chance to speak to the largest audience in That.Church history. So I encourage you if you have friends or family that are around the globe. Maybe they are in a different time zone or work an odd schedule. With this incredible platform we are going to be able to offer over 80 services a week! There is always one for you and everyone you know! This is our chance to take the message of Jesus to people and places that it has never been before. Will you help spread the word?