Baby Dedication

That.Church Sherwood and its Kids Ministry is excited to host our first Baby Dedication of the year this March! The purpose of this event is to celebrate the  parent’s decision to grow their children up loving Jesus and the church’s decision to support their child’s spiritual walk with Christ.

This event is ONLY for children 0-2 years old that have never been dedicated before.

Sign ups open on February 1st!!


Who can dedicate?

Married Parents, Single Parents, Foster Parents & Adopted Parents

Can children older than 2 years be dedicated at this event?

Yes, if they have a sibling that is 2 years or younger.

Is Baby Dedication a baptism?

No, Peter says in Acts 2:38 to “repent and be baptized, each of one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins..” Therefore, baptism comes after a profession of faith or salvation.

Newborn through 5th Grade

Our goal in That.Church Kids is to know Jesus and make Him known for every age in a safe and fun environment.

Early Childhood

0-2 Year Olds

Introduce your littlest ones to the wonder and Word of God through age-specific lessons, fun animation, activities, and more.

Newborn through 2 Years

3-4 Year Olds

We believe that our children are God’s greatest gift! We strive to help your child build trusting relationships and feel a sense of belonging by reaching out in love and understanding.


K-5th Grades

We experience awesome worship and a fun game together and then explore the Bible in an age appropriate, exciting way that helps grow a closer relationship with Christ.

K-5th Grade

Parents! This is what you need to know:

We believe that it is so important to teach the Word of God to our kids starting at a young age. We are passionate about teaching your kids how much God loves them and what His Word says about their life.

For the month of January, we will be teaching a message called “Snowed Inn”.

During this wintry series, kids will learn about the promises God made through stories in the Bible. They will see that God is not just a promise maker, but a promise keeper!

Parent Resources

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