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What are Community Groups?

Community Groups is a ministry that grows and connects within small groups, while building intentional relationships with Christ and one another. Community groups are in homes, at restaurants, on Zoom and on Facebook. WINTER Semester begins February 2023.

If you are ready to dig deep into God's word while building community, TEXT: Community to (501) 382-7447!

Sherwood Campus Community Groups

Eddy & LaQuetta

Pastor Eddy & LaQuetta have been married for over fifty years! They are a wonderful part of the Care/Connection Ministry at That.Church. Couples, empty nesters and Singles welcome! Contact [email protected] or text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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CO-ED GROUP: Zach Russenberger, is part of our Point Man Lead team and a faithful husband and Dad! He is an Account manager by day! If you want to get connected and learn more about Jesus this is group for you! Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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Lin & Karen

CO-ED GROUP: Lin & Karen have been married for almost 32 years! She is a veteran homeschool mom and Lin is a retired Army veteran. They have two adult daughters, 2 grandsons, and twin grandgirls on the way! They have served Jesus together through many seasons of life! Couples, men or women welcome to join! TEXT 501-382-7447 for more info!

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Calling all bikers! My name is Eric "Plum Crazy" Hopkins. I am passionate about Jesus and motorcycles. My wife Sarah and I have been married 10 years and have 2 amazing children. We are loving being in Arkansas and can't wait to link up with fellow riders who want learn more about Jesus! Bikers and Non bikers welcome. Text 501-382-7447 for more info!


WOMEN'S GROUP: Sarah loves Jesus, her husband Eric, and their 2 kiddos. As a military spouse and homeschooling mama she knows life can get crazy, and that we were created to do this life together, in community. She welcomes ladies to join her Bring your kiddo(a), your Bible, and maybe a cup of coffee. Let’s dig into His word together. Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

Jacob & Melissia

CO-ED GROUP: Jacob & Melissia Ballew are a military family! Melissia serves on Security and Jacob serves with Students at That.Church. They are parents to two young children and are adding to their family in November! If you want to join a group that understands military life and grow in your relationship with Jesus this is the group for you! Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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Sam & Sarah

WOMEN'S GROUP: Sam Kimes is a 49-year-old mom of 3 children, and she helps raise her teenage granddaughter Nevaeh. She serves on the Guest Service Team, Foster/Adopt Team , and with the students in Momentum. If you want to find your Girl Gang and grow together from the comfort of your home this is the group to join! Sarah is married and is a mom of 3. She volunteers in the Kid's Ministry and is so dedicated to leading others closer to Jesus.Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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WOMEN'S GROUP: Brianna Childres is in her 30s. She is a mom of young boy! She is learning to balance working from home, navigating chronic health issues, and being a wife/mother/caretaker. She enjoys tacos, leggings, good books, and great friends. She volunteers on the Connections team on Sundays and the Care team throughout the week. Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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WOMEN'S GROUP: Hi I’m Melinda McConnell! I'm married to Jimmy McConnell. We have 2 boys Logan & Landon & 4 Aussies. I serve in Kids Ministry and That.Church and the Prayer Team. I love Jesus, serving at church and meeting new people! Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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Faith & Montana

WOMEN'S GROUP: Faith is in her twenties, married to Brady and mom to sweet little Navy with another on the way! Her love for Jesus and others shines through in everything she does! Montana, is in her 20s, and is married to Zach who is on the Lead team for Point Man, our men's ministry. She loves books, coffee, and Jesus. If you want to join a group of women who talk about real life and all its struggles then this is the group for you. Email [email protected] or Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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MEN'S GROUP: Steve Smith is one of our Biblical Counselors and a faithful part of our Care Team. If you are looking for a group of men to connect with and learn more about Jesus then this is the group for you! Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

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MON @ 6PM: Addiction Recovery

CO-ED group of Christ centered men and women that God has carried through the flames of addiction. A community of believers that maintain their sobriety by focusing on the will of God. If you are struggling with substance misuse this is the group for you! This group meets on Monday nights at 6pm at Sherwood Campus. Childcare is provided. This group meets year round. Email: [email protected] or Text 501-382-7447 for more info!

Grief Care: Nancy

WOMEN'S GROUP: Nancy is part of the Care Ministry at That.Church and a blessing to everyone she meets! Nancy has experienced many losses in her life but her testimony reveals her faith in Jesus as the pathway to healing! If you need to learn how to grow through grief and connect with others who have experienced loss then contact Nancy today!! TEXT 501-382-7447 for more info

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Divorce Recovery: Amanda

If you are struggling to move forward following Divorce and need to learn your next steps in healing this is the group for you! Hello I'm Amanda! I was born and raised in Sherwood, graduated from Sylvan Hills High School in 2001. I have three amazing teenagers that keep me on my toes and a smile on my face. Spending time in God’s word, spending time with my family and friends, going to my son’s robotics competitions and last but not least telling people how amazing God’s love is are my favorite things to do. I’m a full time mom, student, and receptionist at a doctor’s office. I am grateful and thankful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and share His Word and the things that He has taught me in this journey.! Appointments available upon request. Contact: [email protected], or TEXT 501-382-7447

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Ian & Abbie

CO-ED GROUP: Abbie and Ian are excited to be leading a community group together! Ian is an EOD tech in the Airforce and Abbie works as the Connections Director at church. Together they love serving in the church, watching movies, and eating ramen noodles (that's mostly Ian). TEXT 501-382-7447 for more info!

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WOMEN'S GROUP: Bianca Washington has been committed to ministry for over 20 years! Her desire is to help women connect to God and put the broken pieces of their life together again! She serves on the Connect Team on Sundays! TEXT 501-382-7447 for more info!

Pat & Leta

CO-ED GROUP: Pat & Leta are part of our Guest Services team and you probably have seen their smiling faces on a Sunday! They are parents, grandparents, friends to many! They love Jesus and it shows in how they lead others. For more info TEXT 501-382-7447!

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Carmen and Andrew are so excited to begin hosting a community group! Carmen is a nurse, and works at both Children's Hospital and UAMS. Andrew serves full time in the Air National Guard. They have been married for two years, have two dogs, and their first baby is on the way! TEXT: 501-382-7447 for more info

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Chuck's Mens Group-Thursday's at 12pm

Chuck is a Musician By Trade. He and his wife Angela oversee the music and production teams at Cabot Campus. They have 3 kids! He is a lover of All things Comic Book/Scifi and a Total Bible Nerd. Chuck also Loves Coffee ......A lot!!. Chuck leads a men's group that meets Thursdays at noon mostlygeared toward guys with weird work schedules or have daytime availability.Email: [email protected]

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Angela and Lea's Women's Group- Thursdays at 12pm

Angela has been married for 17 years to the love of her life and they have 3 amazing kiddos. Lea has been married for 2 years and has 2 boys and 5 amazing grandkids. Angela and Lea both enjoy doing volunteer work and helping others whenever and wherever they can. Their group is geared towards women of all ages who want to dive deeper into a relationship with Jesus and other women. You are more than welcome to bring your children as well. This group will meet Thursdays @12pm at That Church Cabot Campus. Bring your Bibles! To join this group text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024.

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Jerron and Heather's Co-Ed Group- Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM

Jerron and Heather are excited to lead a community group this Semester! Jerron works in sales and Heather is on staff at our Cabot Campus. They love serving together in the church. They have 2 teenagers that are involved in serving with them as well. Their group will meet on Wednesdays at 6:30PM.

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Mike and Lavina: Co-Ed Group- Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM

Mike and Lavina joined That.Church /Cabot in November 2020 after moving from Southern Illinois. Mike serves in the kids ministry Pre-K, and Lavina serves on Guest Services and the Connections team. They have two adult children who also attend That.Church in Cabot. Mike and Lavina are very active and enjoy all kinds of sports. They look forward to hosting a Community Group on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Email: [email protected] for more info!

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Katelyn's Group: Women's Group- Tuesday Nights at 6PM

I'm Katelyn Huffman and I'm excited to be hosting a women's only community group. I'm an accountant by trade and a dog momma by nature. I have thesweetest miniature Aussie named Eugene and he will be excited to see you when you come to my group. I'm a dog mom and a community auntie. I'm really involved with our Kids Ministry and I love loving on everyone's children. I will be hosting a very casual women's group at my house on Tuesdays from 6-8. We'll have great food, fellowship, and time in the Word. I look forward to getting to know some new ladies, so bring a [email protected]

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Brandi's Women's Group-Saturdays at 9AM

I am Brandi Duncan. I am married to my amazing husband of 13 years. I am a working mom with a rather large family. I enjoy thrifting and collecting books that I will never have time to read. I enjoy the simple things in life like slow Saturdays and sitting around the house. Friendships and relationships are very important to me. If you are a woman that is looking for a group of friends that will walk together to become closer in their walk with Jesus join me Saturday mornings at 9am at Grinds Coffee Shop. Kids are more than welcome to attend with you. If you want to join my group text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024.

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Casey and Kimberly's Group-Saturdays at 9AM

We are Casey and Kimberly Ellzey. We are lifelong friends who have been married for 2 years with 4 children. Casey is in the Air force and Kimberly is an educator. We look forward to garage sitting and coffee sipping with retirees who enjoy good conversation about Jesus over coffee in a relaxing setting. Join us Saturday mornings at 9am at the Ellzey Residence.To join this group text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024.

Gerald and Cassandra's Group-ONLINE Tuesdays at 6PM

We are Gerald and Cassandra and we have married over 17 years. We have 2 daughters and 3 grandbabies. We have both served our country in the US Navy and so excited to start an online community group. We welcome anyone to our group, but more geared towards disabled veterans. Our group will be hosted online on Tuesdays from 6-7pm. To join our group text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024.

Kim's Group- Tuesdays at 4PM

My name is Kim Howie and I am 36 years old and have been married for 14 years. We have 2 incredible daughters Penelope and Gwendolyn. We have been attending That Church since October of 2018. I am the Library Media Specialist at Mountain Springs Elementary. Life is busy this time of year especially for educators. Everyone is welcome, however this group is geared towards educators so there could be a convenient time and location for educators to meet and grow in their relationship with God while still allowing them to bring their kids. My group will be meeting Tuesdays at 4pm at Mountain Springs Elementary School. To join this group text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024.

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Red and Debbie's Group-Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM

We are Red and Debbie Bell. We have been married for 26 years. We have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren. In our spare time we love to go fishing, camping, and hunting. We cannot wait to meet you and grow closer to Jesus with you. Our group is welcome to everyone! The more the merrier! We will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Text the word GROUP to 501-430-4024 to join our group!

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