Learn the Bible through very creative, most of the time hilarious, and always relevant messages. We cover every subject from relationships, finances, identity, spiritual warfare and much more! Take a look through our library for a message that speaks to you!


Inspired by TEDTalks, GODTalks is an in-depth conversation that covers multiple topics throughout the year. We hold two semesters each year, three sessions each. You can expect a unique teaching session hosted by one of our Pastors, followed up by a Q&A from the audience.


We all have a story to tell but when we allow God to tell His story through us, there are opportunities to make Jesus known. Watch these stories from people attending That.Church and be inspired to tell your own story.


Our Real Women’s ministry meets throughout the year per semester. Each semester covers a different topic that women may encounter in their lives. Our Real Women Director and other speakers take turns sharing biblical direction for women in our community and online.